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A Little Monotype Alignment Conundrum

I recently cast a font of 12-337E Caslon Old Style from a 15×15 matcase using my Monotype computer interface. Upon rummaging around I also found that I had loose cellular matrices for the quaints in this font. That would be

Monotype Computer Control: First Run

I have my 12-point Binny Old Style diecase set up, so last Saturday, I tried my first run with my laptop controlling my Monotype Composition Caster. The text is a little note to include when I ship type across the

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Finding Missing Composition Matrices

I have a Monotype diecase for Lanston 12-point #21EFG Binny Old Style which includes most French accents, but was missing question and exclamations marks in both roman and italic, as well as the small cap Z. I was quite pleased

Video: First run of Monotype Compostion Caster Computer Control

I just posted a video on YouTube of the first run of my Monotype Composition Caster under control of my laptop computer. I have been working on the hardware and software for this interface on and off over several years,

Another Wayzgoose is History

Last Saturday the 36th annual Wayzgoose was held at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery in Grimsby, Ontario. We were fortunate to have our sale table right next to the front door so we didn’t miss any visitors. Lily

Proof from the March 2nd Casting

My post on this weekend’s casting adventures did not include a proof of the imperfect but useable forme cast in the early evening, so here it is: This was done with rubber based ink, and the gloss of the ink

March 2nd Casting Session: A Modicum of Success

The first job was to address the problem of the magnetic starter tripping out every few lines. I found online several documents regarding the pulsing nature of the current drawn on the input of a VFD. I think the pulsing

March 1st Casting Session

This morning I checked the angular alignment of the nozzle on my caster and found that it was off a tiny bit, so I adjusted that. I also reset the nozzle to its proper center position on the assumption that

February 23rd Casting Session

Last Sunday was another frustrating day of casting. The only way I could get the nozzle to seal even remotely well was to have it clearly out of alignment, so it was moving sideways every time it rose and dropped.

February 15th Casting Session

In preparation for casting last Saturday, I moved a few mats in the matcase I was using so there would be low quads where the ribbon expected them. The ribbon also expected a 10-unit space to exist, so I placed