Month: March 2015

US Display Mould Spacer Dimensions

I’ve measured all the spacers I have for US Monotype Display mould blade kits. There are two styles (long and short) which correspond to the style of blade front (thin or thick respectively). This drawing shows both superimposed: There seemed

Endbands (Headbands)

I just added a new Page to the static content of our site showing samples of the endbands (headbands) that we sell.

Measuring US Display Mould Spacers

In order to make an 18 point spacer for use in a US Monotype Display Mould, I first have to determine the dimensions required. I set up a spreadsheet for recording the data and measured the dimensions of all the

Up, Down, What’s the difference?

My recent post about setting up to cast 18 point display type got up and down mixed up. When casting 18 point on an English mould with an American display mat holder, the mat must be lowered, not raised as

Bald eagle sighting near Kitchener?

On Tuesday I was driving along highway 401 where it crosses the Grand river in south Kitchener when I saw the silhouette of a very large bird flying south of the highway. I only saw it for a second or

Glycerin Specific Gravity

Today I used my pycnometer and precision scale to measure the specific gravity of the glycerin which we sell and which I use when I’m trying out recipes for home-made composition rollers. I started taking a video of this procedure

18 Point Frustration

I have some display casting to do in 18 point on my Monotype Composition Caster, but I’m having a tough time finding a set of accessories that will work together to accomplish this. My original intent was to use my

Fixing up a laboratory scale

Several years ago I purchased at an auction a laboratory scale for doing precision weighing. Up until now it has sat in a corner collecting dust, covered with auction stickers and missing one cover. I recently undertook to clean and

A pycnometer

That’s ‘pyc’ sounding like an ice ‘pick,’ ‘n’ as you would expect, and the rest rhymes with ‘barometer’ with the ‘nom’ being the stressed syllable. This is a fancy name for a container which can be filled to a very

Preparing to cast some type

Someone has asked me to cast some type to fill out a font they already have. For reasons unknown, he has almost no capital S and is also short on capital C and T. He mailed me a sample type