Category: Testing Equipment

Estimating Dry Weight of Composition Material

While trying to remelt some old composition rollers recently, I found that some of the material wouldn’t melt. Neither higher temperatures nor additional water helped. All I ended up with was a lumpy soup, from which I strained the lumps

Glycerin Specific Gravity

Today I used my pycnometer and precision scale to measure the specific gravity of the glycerin which we sell and which I use when I’m trying out recipes for home-made composition rollers. I started taking a video of this procedure

Fixing up a laboratory scale

Several years ago I purchased at an auction a laboratory scale for doing precision weighing. Up until now it has sat in a corner collecting dust, covered with auction stickers and missing one cover. I recently undertook to clean and

A pycnometer

That’s ‘pyc’ sounding like an ice ‘pick,’ ‘n’ as you would expect, and the rest rhymes with ‘barometer’ with the ‘nom’ being the stressed syllable. This is a fancy name for a container which can be filled to a very