Month: September 2013

Monotype Pneumatics: Quadding and Centering actuators

The Quadding and Centering system on the Monotype composition caster is controlled by two actuators on the paper tower. The one for Quadding is a simple piston inside the tower housing which causes the motion of the paper tower cam

Monotype Pneumatics: Unit Shift Valve completed

The last task left for Unit Shift was to install (what I call) the buffer valve. I use this term because its purpose is to store the Unit Shift selection (on or off) from the end of the ribbon read

Schopper-Riegler Freeness Tester for sale

This is the third piece of papermaking laboratory equipment I have for sale. Per ISO standard 5267-1, this tests the “freeness” of the pulp, which can be thought of as the amount of water which is “free” and will drain

Monotype Pneumatics: Unit Shift valve reinstallation

In my next task of getting the paper tower operational on my Monotype composition caster, I have started cleaning and lubricating the various pneumatic control valves. The first one I did is a combination of the Unit Shift control valve

Heart & Hand Festival

We spent today demonstrating paper marbling at the Heart & Hand Festival at Joseph Schneider Haus, and the item featuring us (and our resident cricket) on the festival’s blog just went up yesterday. We were fortunate to have an indoor location

Gurley paper permeability (porosity) tester for sale

Another commercial paper mill laboratory instrument we are putting up for sale is a Gurley Tester, which measures the porosity or permeability of a sheet of paper by trying to blow air through it as defined in TAPPI test T460.

Laboratory Handsheet Former for sale

We bought this handsheet former several years ago as part of a lot of commercial papermaking laboratory equipment and it is time we tried to sell it. This unit is for making standardized test sheets following TAPPI (The American Pulp

Monotype Pneumatics Identification

I’ve started tracing all the pneumatic plumbing on my Monotype caster, and at least now I’ve identified all the various control valves hanging off the table apron. This may be old news to any Monotype pros who may be out

Heart & Hand Festival September 21st

This will be the third year we will be participating in the Heart & Hand festival at Joseph Schneider Haus on Queen Street in Kitchener. I will be demonstrating paper marbling, probably in the downstairs back room of the house

Putting the air tower back onto my Monotype caster

Inspired by my recent attendance at Monotype U 8, and given that I kept the ribbon I had punched on the keyboard there, I have decided to reinstall the paper tower which I had removed from my Monotype caster when