Month: August 2013

My CNC mill

This Sherline 2000 mill is one of the main tools I use for making repair parts for printing machinery. Since I bought it I have retrofitted it with Sherline’s CNC conversion kit, using a home-made stepper driver (the gray box

Bookplates for the Papertrail library

In addition to about 97 books and other documents related to the Monotype machines, we also have a library of over 100 books related to papermaking, bookbinding, paper decorating, origami, typography, and printing. The Monotype books were coming with me

Woo Hoo! Monotype U!

The last week of August I will be heading to the mountains of West Virginia to attend Monotype University 8. This is a week-long intensive course on the operation of the Monotype Composition caster with emphasis on composition casting. This

The Monotype pump, all assembled and working!

This is the culmination of a long three-pronged refitting of the pump on my Monotype composition caster. The three parts were disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling the pump head mechanism, refitting a pump latch mechanism scavenged from another caster, and making

Monotype piston rod finished

The extended-stroke piston rod I was making for my Monotype caster is now finished. Now that it is off the mill, cleaned up, and has its handle put on it looks so much like it could have been a factory-made

Monotype piston rod—Mounted on mill, ready for cutting

After finishing one side of the extended-stroke piston rod for my Monotype, I took apart all the work holders and gave the mill a bit of a cleaning. The rod has now been clamped down to the milling table with

Monotype piston rod milling half-completed

With the flats completed on the piston rod, it was time to mill the groove by which the piston is raised and lowered. This took quite a bit of time as I had the mill running at very conservative feed

A new needle size

We noticed that we had a gap in our needle sizes: There was a big jump in diameter between the #17 needle (1.4mm) and the huge #15 needle (1.8mm). It may not seem like 0.4mm sounds like much but when