My Presentation from the 2012 ATF Conference

Someone recently asked about serial number locations on Monotype Composition Casters, and I knew I had a sort of list of where these were located.

This information turned out to be in a presentation I gave at the 2012 American Typecasting Fellowship conference on Portland Oregon, entitled “Part Sourcing for a Frankencaster” wherein I discussed my adventures in mix & match parts acquisition for my Comp Caster.

This predates the start of this blog by about 2 years, so I thought I’d post about it now, as I have just placed the Powerpoint file on our web site. Although in this presentation I mused about making some of the parts I wanted, I subsequently have managed to obtain original parts from other casters. I think I even have all I need for Unit Shift, but have not tried using it.

I am still left, though, trying to find a Unit Adding attachment for my caster. I saw one in action (mind you, intermittently and unwanted) at last year’s ATF conference in the Portland, Maine area.

In case you care, the serial number locations I found were:

  • The top of the main table
  • The nameplate on the paper tower
  • The top of the type channel right block
  • The right-hand end of the front pin block
  • The rear end of the rear pin block
  • The end of the galley directly facing the operator’s position

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