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A collection of Monotype pumps

Someone recently asked me about spare parts for the pump for a Monotype caster so I went through what I have.     In that last photo, top-to-bottom: A pair of wear shoes for Lanston pump bodies An English standard

Valley Beater available in Bellingham WA

We’re passing on this note about a Valley Beater for sale, located in Bellingham, Washington, which is very close to Vancouver BC: I am located in Bellingham, Washington, which is very close the US/BC border, just beneath Vancouver and Surrey,

Search for Tororo-aoi

This spring I did a small foray into AliExpress to see what interesting products I could find. I ended up ordering three products: kozo (Broussonetia Papyrifera) seeds, Abelmoschus Manihot gum powder, and tororo-aoi (Abelmoschus Manihot) seeds. The gum powder was

Marbling from Heart & Hand

It has been a while since Heart & Hand, but I finally took pictures of all the marbling we made that day. We had one more sheet that Lily made with the help of one of the show visitors, but

Eucalyptus pulp for sale

As part of a lot of papermaking equipment we obtained a while ago we got a stack of eucalyptus pulp (half-stuff) in sheet form. It had been used as blotters in a drying system. Although we don’t normally carry wood-based

Monotype Parts Stock

As part of fitting the pump latch mechanism onto my Monotype caster, there are a couple of missing parts that I might have to make. Making them should be easy since they are geometrically very simple, but I would have

Lassco Spinnit LBM-2.1 Paper Drill For Sale

We have a Lassco Spinnit LBM-2.1 paper drill for sale. This is a tabletop machine which operates similarly to the Challenge paper drills and in fact uses the same drill bits. The bit is a sharpened hollow tube which is

Guillotine knives for sale

I have four guillotine knives, but I’m not even sure what brand or model they are for, nor whether they have been sharpened so much they aren’t useful any more. They are actually two pairs of essentially identical knives. The

A Sampler of our Marbling

Someone asked me about our marbling on handmade paper so rather than try to describe patterns and colours in an e-mail or by phone I though I should just take a photo of all the marbling we have on handmade