Month: June 2013

Photos from the Washi workshop

Today we held a washi workshop for a lady and her two daughters (and their dog Willow, who was not paying much attention to the proceedings). The lack of names in this post is not because I’m trying for anonymity,

Preparations for the Washi workshop

In preparation for the Washi workshop we are holding tomorrow, I had to scrounge for all the equipment involved. The last time I used all of this stuff was at the Yahoo Papermaking group’s east-coast gathering in 2010. Since at

Monotype paint colour matching—Nailed it!

My use of a photo editor to measure the hue and saturation of the paint colours paid off. I had inferred that I had to add to my new paint a mix of two parts red and one part blue.

Colour-matching Monotype Parts

In my projects to refurbish my Monotype pump and install a latch mechanism, I am now at the stage of needing to repaint some parts, and I am finding it to be a tricky job. For one thing, In can’t

Papertrail Mould and Deckle Sets

I have started a tree of pages in this site to provide some details on some of our products. This tree can be reached through the “Products” link in the menu bar of any page. From there, links within the

Public comments are now enabled

I’ve just changed our blog settings to allow anyone to comment on new postings. I hope I won’t be creating myself too much of a spam problem by doing so. I also issued a direct command to MySQL to enable

Papermaking at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire

Our papermaking demonstration at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire was a great success! We set up inside the Kitchener City Hall Rotunda to be ready for the opening at 10 am on Saturday, but members of the public were already

Fiat Lux

I finally got new lighting installed in my basement workshop. The old lighting was essentially two single fixtures with 60- or 100-watt-equivalent CFL bulbs in them. The new lighting is 8 dual 48″ T8 fluorescent fixtures. To be fair, that

Crossheads reinstalled on Monotype pump head

The two press-fit parts that I probably should never have disassembled on my Monotype caster pump head are now back together again. As mentioned in my previous post I had already reassembled the Pump Body Spring Rod 31H1 and its

Washi Workshop Wednesday, June 26th 2013

We will be holding an impromptu workshop on making washi (Japanese-style paper) on Wednesday, June 26th 2013 from 10am to 5pm at our store in New Dundee, and we have room for a couple more people. This will be a