Preparations for the Washi workshop

In preparation for the Washi workshop we are holding tomorrow, I had to scrounge for all the equipment involved. The last time I used all of this stuff was at the Yahoo Papermaking group’s east-coast gathering in 2010. Since at the time we had recently moved both our home and our business, all the bits and pieces were scattered about in various storage spaces when we returned home from the gathering.

One thing that needed repair was by beating/chopping block, which had a corner break off it at the 2010 gathering. I had to track down the pieces, figure out how to clamp the broken piece in, and glue it on with epoxy cement.

Lily took some of these photos, which explains the low camera angle.

Broken-off corner

This is the corner that broke off the beating board. The dark patches are the resorcinol glue originally used to build the board.

Cement application

The main part of the board is clamped in the woodworking vise, and I’m applying the epoxy to the broken surface.

All glued up

The surface is all coated with epoxy. The board is backed with foam rubber and a soft cloth so it does not shift too much in use.

Applying glue to the broken corner

After a test fit of the broken piece did not show enough glue transfer (because of poor contact) I decided to apply epoxy to the corner piece as well.

All clamped in place

The corner is clamped in place with two pipe clamps to hold the corner in and one more clamp to keep the two pieces aligned properly. The white stuff is offcuts of the polyethylene we use to make our moulds and deckles (the epoxy does not stick to it).

All fixed

The beating board, all ready to go again. The backing cloth will be repaired with a bit of double-sided tape

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