Month: February 2014

The Broken Pin Wrench Resurfaces

While testing out the new Operating Lever Latch Spring on my Monotype caster, I heard a clunk as something fell to the floor. It turned out to be the broken pin wrench I had lost inside the caster a couple

A New Spring for the Operating Lever Latch

While doing my last few casting sessions I noticed another part missing from my Monotype caster. There is a lever, called the Operating Lever, which controls the engagement of a clutch on the motor drive; essentially this is the lever

February 23rd Casting Session

Last Sunday was another frustrating day of casting. The only way I could get the nozzle to seal even remotely well was to have it clearly out of alignment, so it was moving sideways every time it rose and dropped.

Grimsby Wayzgoose Coming Up on April 26th

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery will be hosting its 36th annual Wayzgoose book arts fair this year on Saturday April 26th, from 9am to 5pm. We will be there selling our paper, marbling, and other supplies. Our friends from the

February 15th Casting Session

In preparation for casting last Saturday, I moved a few mats in the matcase I was using so there would be low quads where the ribbon expected them. The ribbon also expected a 10-unit space to exist, so I placed

Misdiagnosis Results in Broken Part

Last Saturday I tried again to do a run of composition casting. At some point, the galley mechanism stopped working, and a very long line developed in the galley. I stopped casting and looked for the cause of the problem.

Result from Last Weekend’s Casting Run

Despite all the difficulties I encountered in last weekend’s attempt to do some composition casting, I still ended up with some type cast, which I proofed on my Challenge MA15 and annotated: From this it looks like my matcase arrangement

A Manual Punch for Monotype Ribbons

In the process of patching together the only ribbon I have for my Monotype, some of the holes have been blocked and needed to be re-punched. Furthermore, repairing the edges of the ribbon requires re-punching all the tractor holes. Finally,

Monotype Display Mat Storage

The question came up recently on the Typecasting mailing list as to the best way of storing American-style display mats. These originally came in boxes with a slotted wood insert and a covering made of heavy cardboard covered with faux-leather

Composition Casting Followup: Type Carrier Repair

While trying to do some composition casting last weekend I found that an internal part of my type carrier was broken, so I had to give this part a quick servicing. There aren’t actually that many internal parts to deal