Month: February 2014

Composition Casting Followup: Nozzle Problems

During this weekend’s attempts at composition casting I had problems with type metal flow, both flowing where I don’t want it, and not flowing where I do want it. I had many problems with nozzle freeze. On each casting cycle,

It Speaks! Well, mumbles, anyway…

I spent the weekend trying to do some composition casting on my Monotype caster, using the ribbon I had keypunched while I was at Mono U 8 last summer. By Sunday evening I had something I could take a proof

Monotype Mould Signalling Lever

The Monotype caster has a small lever which is used to control the opening of the upper mould blade to produce low spaces. This lever is actuated by an arm that descends from the bridge, which in turn is controlled

Cleaning the “Scissors” on a Monotype Display Mould

While waiting for other things to resolve themselves, I set out to clean the display mould that I has last used on my Monotype caster. This particular mould is an English-style display mould, which uses replaceable inserts to change body

Unclogging Cooling Passages in a Monotype Mould

After installing my refurbished 10-point mould on my caster I tested the cooling water flow and found that the flow through the mould itself (rather than just the cooling passages in the table) was inadequate. I know from when I

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