Month: June 2014

Composition Mat Cases In Their Final Home

I have catalogued the contents of all the composition matcases, both the ones from Rich Hopkins and the dozen or so that I already had in various locations. The cases have also been placed in their permanent home (barring major

Composition Matrix Cases Finished and Filled

The first set of five cases I made to hold Monotype composition matcases turned out to be insufficient to hold them all. I have since made two more cases, and have placed all the matcases I received from Rich Hopkins

Fibre Beating Sticks

Last weekend, I put off making more composition matcase cases to give me time to make more of the pulp beating sticks we sell. How many I make depends on how large a piece of maple lumber I can get.

Strange Squirrels

We seem to have a few squirrels around the neighbourhood that are neither black nor gray. Instead, their bodies are black and their tails fade through a reddish brown to sort of blond. They seem a bit more skittish than

A little blogging trouble

Over the weekend my WordPress version was updated under me from 3.5.1 to  3.8 (actually the entire system was upgraded). The person who did it did not realize that I had my own code changes to reduce spam comment postings,

Finished Composition Matrix Cases—Just One Problem

I have completed my five cases for holding Monotype composition matcases. Despite my efforts to get the grooves uniformly deep, I found after assembling the cases that some grooves were too shallow. This meant that I spent a lot of

Cases for Monotype Composition Matrices

I returned from picking up my display matrix purchases with several matcases of composition mats as well, and so far I have no good place to keep them. The few I had have been stored in the same drawer as