Composition Matrix Cases Finished and Filled

The first set of five cases I made to hold Monotype composition matcases turned out to be insufficient to hold them all. I have since made two more cases, and have placed all the matcases I received from Rich Hopkins into them.

20140619IMG_7142I have 29 free slots, but I also have a few more matcases from other sources floating around the shop to occupy these. Many of the matcases are marked with a twist of pipe cleaner, but Rich doesn’t remember their significance. I will take them all off since they prevent the matcases from going into their slots completely.

The cases are currently lying face-up on our pallet jack so I will be able to roll them to a nearby table so I can catalogue them. For now I have just loaded them into the slots as I unwrapped them, but once I have them catalogued I can sort them by face and note any duplicates.

I will also have to find a permanent place for these cases.


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