Month: October 2013

Monotype Pneumatics: A new paper tower air supply connector

What with helping to get our daughter’s Hallowe’en costume finished in time, and trying to clean our store for the studio tour coming up this weekend, I have had little time to work on my Monotype. The current tasks are

Monotype Pneumatics: The Mould Signalling valve

Last but not least of the control valves to be serviced on my Monotype caster is what I refer to as the Mould Signalling control valve. Depending on what options the caster is fitted with, this valve might be used

Monotype Pneumatics: The Quadding and Centering control valve

After a short side trip to test and trace the individual air lines on my caster I have returned to the task of refurbishing the various pneumatic control valves. The next one to do is the Quadding and Centering control

Confused Monotype Pneumatics, Part 2

On removing the dummy plate on my Unit Adding valve base and testing individual air lines, I have determined that: This valve uses lines I, K, N, 0005, and 0075 (not J, K, N, 0005, and 0075 as my manual

Confused Monotype Pneumatics

Using a sports inflator needle to apply compressed air to each air line individually, I am finding several oddities. The first is certainly not unexpected: Several of the airpins are sticking. I think my best bet for these is to

Catalogue and New Products List updated

The PDF versions of our catalogue and New Products List have been updated to fix a couple of mistakes, to update the pricing for 1st cut cotton linters, and to add our new #16 needles.

Price increase for 1st cut cotton linters pulp

We recently purchased a new lot of 1st cut cotton linters pulp and have found that the wholesale price has risen substantially since we last restocked. As a result, effective immediately, we are raising our price for this pulp to

Monotype Pneumatics: Paper Tower air supply

Just for a lark, I tried connecting my Monotype caster to a compressed air supply, and found that the air connection to the paper tower leaked so badly that the (admittedly small) compressor could not keep up. I tried putting

Monotype Pneumatics: Two Steps Forward (again)

After breaking two pipe ends while reinstalling the mounting plate for the Unit Adding valve, I decided that soldering in new ends would be easier than trying to get a flaring tool into the tight spots under the Monotype caster’s

The OCADU Book Arts Fair

On Saturday November 30th 2013, from 10am to 5pm, OCAD University will be holding its 29th annual Book Arts Fair, and the Papertrail will have a table or two selling our supplies and paper products. This fair is held annually