Month: July 2015

My tomato plants are dying (again)

I’m finding that the tomato plants in my vegetable garden, which have been growing so well up until now, are doing the same thing they’ve done for the past three or four years: They suddenly wilt, sicken, and die. What

It’s Getting Real

I actually went out and purchased some aluminum stock for making the computer control valve for my Monotype. That’s a piece of 1″ aluminum square bar which will make the mouthpiece that fits against the air holes in the caster’s

Price Increases on Some Products

Inflation once again rears its ugly head, forcing us to increase some of our product prices. I think many of our suppliers’ prices were set by the supply chain before the price of oil fell through the floor, so the


…and not the ones RIM makes, either! This year, the blackberry plants growing wild in our yard along the fences and stream valley seem to have a bumper crop of berries on them. I suspect the plentiful June precipitation had

A Calligraphy Set We’ve Always had Trouble With

We’ve had this calligraphy set in our store for years, but we’ve never had any success using it. The problem we run into is that the ink does not wet the nibs and flow out properly; instead whatever ink gets

A Tiny Bird Nest Amidst the Tall Grass

Earlier this week I was picking some wild blackberries that grow along the fences and creek bed at the rear of our property when I ran across this tiny bird nest built on a tussock of tall grass. I only