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A novel motorcycle air filter (not!)

We’ve had a week of beautiful warm (for November) weather here and I took advantage of this to take my motorcycle (a 1987 Kawasaki EX500) out on several rides. Unfortunately on the last ride the bike decided that it wouldn’t

More carp, live ones this time, and an eagle

The other day, I was walking along Alder Creek, which runs behind our property here in New Dundee, and I happened to spot a group of around 40 carp, just swimming gently to keep up with the current. The water

Fate of the Turtle Nests

It’s been months since some snapping turtles laid nests in my yard, and I can finally report on how things turned out. A few weeks after the eggs were laid, I found some evidence of digging at one of the

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Oh, Snap!

Alder Creek runs along the back of our property here, for about 60m (200′). The creek is in a small valley, perhaps 6m (20′) deep with a fairly steep embankment. Over the past week, we’ve had (at least) three snapping

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Blog fixed (and a cute kitten)

It has been a while since I posted to this blog, so now that our server is all updated and I have WordPress working again I have a bit of catching up to do. For now, I offer cute kitten

A Tiny Bird Nest Amidst the Tall Grass

Earlier this week I was picking some wild blackberries that grow along the fences and creek bed at the rear of our property when I ran across this tiny bird nest built on a tussock of tall grass. I only

Oh, Carp!

Our property backs onto Alder Creek, which drains some of the area southwest of Kitchener and empties into the Nith River at Ayr. A bit upstream of us, an earth dam forms Alder Lake. There is a spot near us

Bald eagle sighting near Kitchener?

On Tuesday I was driving along highway 401 where it crosses the Grand river in south Kitchener when I saw the silhouette of a very large bird flying south of the highway. I only saw it for a second or

Mulberry damage

This weekend while mowing the lawn I found that several branches of my mulberry bush had bent flat onto the ground. Some still appeared healthy but others were wilted. It would seem that some animal had eaten all the bark

Strange Squirrels

We seem to have a few squirrels around the neighbourhood that are neither black nor gray. Instead, their bodies are black and their tails fade through a reddish brown to sort of blond. They seem a bit more skittish than