Month: July 2013

Our “new” guillotine

New to us, anyway, as it is older that the one it is replacing. This one is a Challenge Diamond 32″ guillotine with mechanical cut and manual clamp. This machine has an after-market dual-hand control added so you have to

Finally working on the Monotype piston rod again

It has been a while but I finally got around to working on the extended-stroke piston rod for my Monotype caster’s pump tonight. A while ago I had drilled and tapped the end hole for the handle. I was fortunate

Our second papermaking press

From some of the lessons I learned from our first press, I made a new one out of aluminum. I had the chance to practice my (horrible) skills at welding this metal, but ended up with a press that was

Our first papermaking press

This is a press which I made for Audrey even before we bought the Papertrail; we have since stopped using it and sold it. The following details are drawn  from memory so dimensions might not be exact. The cross-beams were

A little more cleaning on the Monotype Pump

Finishing the new extended-stroke piston rod is taking a little longer than planned, so in the meantime I decided to clean the piston and pump body lever mechanism. This is what transmits the pump spring pressure to the pump proper.

Mulberry maintenance

As part of trying to get better fibre from my mulberry plant, this year I am trying to prevent the original shoots from getting any side branches. This turns out to require some persistence at pulling off the suckers—the new

Eucalyptus pulp for sale

As part of a lot of papermaking equipment we obtained a while ago we got a stack of eucalyptus pulp (half-stuff) in sheet form. It had been used as blotters in a drying system. Although we don’t normally carry wood-based

Some remnant Premium Abaca pulp for sale

Years ago we decided to stop carrying Premium Abaca pulp in our catalogue, but we ended up with this small remainder that was never sold. Premium abaca pulp is made from abaca fibres specially selected for their light colour, thus

New Monotype Pump Spring Rod (sort of)

After realizing that I could not make a new pump rod for my Monotype caster on my lathe (the lathe bed was not long enough), I considered several ways to get around this problem. As it turns out the solution

Papermaking for the Dundee Pottery Arts Camp

Tomorrow we will be hosting a two-hour papermaking session for kids in collaboration with the Arts Camp organized by Dundee Pottery. Hiding out of sight is also a supply of glitter and other decorations to add to the paper.

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