Month: July 2013

Finished paper from the Washi Workshop

Here are some photos of paper made at our recent Washi Workshop. My habit is to scoop new pulp on the near side and throw off on the far side, so these two flaws always appear on the same edges

Monotype Pump Latch R&R Completed

The reconditioning of the pump latch for my Monotype caster is now complete. I found some donors for the missing screws in my parts stock. There were two of the actual latch trigger assemblies there (but not the rest of

So much for a part being easy to make…

I thought the new spring rod I have to make for my Monotype pump would be relatively easy to do, after all, it is just a length of 5/8″ round rod threaded at both ends. The problem is that my

Monotype Pump Head reassembled—now on to new parts

The pump head on my Monotype Composition caster is now back together, except for the pump springs and related parts, which I have to replace with home-made ones to accommodate the pump latch mechanism. The parts to be made or

Monotype Pump Latch R&R – Threaded hole repair done

After determining that I had a way to drill the necessary holes without any new tooling, the repair of the threaded holes on the Latch Abutment (58H1) is finished. Even with the holes properly center-punched, I had a little trouble

Washi workshop: drying the pressed paper

Because it only lasted one day, the participants in our recent Washi workshop were unable to experience the joys of taking the sheets off the post and apply them to drying boards. Over the next couple of days we pressed

Handmade book for Rural Routes online auction

Just in time for July, I have completed the handmade book which will be auctioned off to help support our studio tour. It will be up for auction through the month of July at our Tour web site’s Auction page.