Month: November 2013

A Composing Stick Rack for Richmond Hill

As part of the general clean-up taking place over the past few months at the shop of the Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill, I found that we did not have any good place to store our collection of composing

A Monotype aftermarket mod

Up until recently I have used my Monotype without its paper tower for font and sorts casting. What I found frustrating in doing so was manually positioning the matcase. This is a minor setup nuisance when casting from display mats

Monotype Pneumatics – Front Pin Block R&R Part 3

All the parts from the front pin block have been cleaned and repaired, and so it is time to reinstall them.

Another home-made Monotype part

While refurbishing the front pin block on my Monotype caster I observed the wear on both the jaw pin guide rod and its support caused by having the rod fitting loosely in the support. The end of the rod is

Monotype Pneumatics: Paper Tower air connection completed

I added two spacers made from 0.015″ brass shim stock to the collar on the paper clamp shaft, so that the collar would be flush with the step in the shaft and thus provide good support to the inner O-ring

Reminder: OCADU 29th Annual Book Arts Fair

This is just a reminder that the OCADU Book Arts Fair is coming up in about 10 days, on Saturday November 30th 2013, from 10am to 5pm. This annual fair is held in the Great Hall of OCAD University at

Monotype Pneumatics: Paper Tower Air Supply Connector

I have now installed my new Paper Tower Air Supply line to replace the leaky one that was on the caster. I made a top connector from brass, giving it counterbores at either end to accept standard O-rings for sealing

Monotype Pneumatics: Front Pin Block R&R Part 2

After disassembling and cleaning the front pin block parts, I noted wear on the Pin Jaw Guide Rod Support, as well as on the guide rod itself. Furthermore, there were several holes in the cover plate that seemed to have

Asymmetric Tong Washers on Monotype

  Refurbishing the front air pin block on my Monotype caster required, among other things, removing the two sets of tongs that operate the matrix and air pin jaws. Each of these tongs has a pivoted mounting post that is

Monotype Pneumatics: Front Pin Block R&R

After refurbishing the rear air pin block on my Monotype caster, I am now doing the same to the front pin block. Disassembly is a bit different from the rear block, because the front buffer must be removed in pieces: