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Grimsby Wayzgoose Coming Up on April 26th

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery will be hosting its 36th annual Wayzgoose book arts fair this year on Saturday April 26th, from 9am to 5pm. We will be there selling our paper, marbling, and other supplies. Our friends from the

A Composing Stick Rack for Richmond Hill

As part of the general clean-up taking place over the past few months at the shop of the Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill, I found that we did not have any good place to store our collection of composing

Replacement safety curtain guides for platen press

Stephen Sword, a friend from the Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill, has a platen press at home fitted with a safety curtain. A metal frame rises above the edge of the platen as the press closes to push the

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Fixing a Vandercook SP-15 washup unit

The Vandercook SP-15 proof press at the Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill is equipped with a washup unit. This is essentially a blade that wipes the ink off one of the rollers in the ink train and a tray

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The Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill

This group of about 20 people runs a cooperative shared letterpress shop in Richmond Hill, just North of Toronto. Members have access to use the shop during daytime hours and there are a couple of keys available for after-hours access.