Month: April 2013

Our contribution to the Wayzgoose Anthology

Now that the Anthology is out I can show you our contribution without spoiling the surprise. Overall it turned out nice, although I have 3 or 4 private critiques of my work. There were 135 copies of the Anthology produced,

E-mail woes

Over the weekend and up until sometime today we have been having trouble with the e-mail server that handles and e-mail addresses. Anyone who tried to e-mail us might have received a warning about delayed delivery or a

Wayzgoose 2013

We had great weather and a good crowd showing up, so altogether it was a wonderful day. We actually drove to Grimsby the afternoon before the show, and stayed at the Beamer Falls B&B so we could be fresh and

Packing for Wayzgoose

This is a slightly belated post, since Wayzgoose was yesterday, but I was missing one piece of electronica and could not retrieve the photos I had. For most of what we bring, we pack it in flip-top plastic crates. We

Waterloo Mini Maker Faire

We’re applying to demonstrate papermaking at the Waterloo Mini Maker Faire coming up June 15th at Kitchener City Hall. While writing up the application we found this photo of a sheet of paper being formed. You can see the waves

Our Valley Beater

For beating some papermaking fibres, a Hollander beater is essential. One of the brands preferred by hand papermakers is the Valley Beater, originally made by Valley Iron Works, but still available new from Voith-Sulzer (last time I checked). They are

Monotype pump head disassembled

As part of my project to add a pump latch to my Monotype Composition Caster to allow casting of larger type, I decided to take apart the pump head so all the parts could be cleaned properly of decades of

Guillotine knives for sale

I have four guillotine knives, but I’m not even sure what brand or model they are for, nor whether they have been sharpened so much they aren’t useful any more. They are actually two pairs of essentially identical knives. The

The big monster printing press

This press is our latest acquisition. It actually came from what are now the premises of KwartzLab, the former home of Pandora Press. This machine is a Thompson-British Automatic Platen Press, weighing in at about 1525kg (3360lbs). It fills the

Our workhorse printing press

The press we do most of our work with is a Chandler and Price 7×11 Old Style. This is a hand-fed treadle-driven letterpress. When we got the press it was set up for motor drive, had an ink fountain, but