Month: April 2013

Our smallest printing press

Our smallest printing press is a Kelsey Excelsior 5×8 Model U tabletop press. When we got it it was suffering from fire and water damage. Most of the paint was worn off, there was rust all over, and the rubber

…and Calligraphy too!

A few weeks ago Lily’s kindergarten class held a muffin sale, but she was home sick the day they were supposed to make the sign for their muffins. So I pulled out a fountain pen and a sheet of hand-made

Papermaking presses

We have two presses which are used in papermaking to press excess water out of the sheets and also to make the sheets thinner and denser. The one we use regularly is actually a power hydraulic 30-ton arbor press assembled

An evening at KwartzLab

One local group that I am associated with is called KwartzLab. This is the local “maker group” in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Essentially it is a group of members who rent premises and keep tools and equipment there for use by

Missing WordPress account notification e-mails

I’ve spent several days now trying to get notification e-mails to go out when a new blog user is created. Finally got it working. I’m posting this in the hopes that anyone with the same problem will be able to

A Sampler of our Marbling

Someone asked me about our marbling on handmade paper so rather than try to describe patterns and colours in an e-mail or by phone I though I should just take a photo of all the marbling we have on handmade

Monotype Pump Enhancements

My Monotype Composition Caster is a British-made one, with a serial number indicating fairly late manufacture (1960’s) so it should in theory be fitted will all the latest bells and whistles. But for some reason it is missing the pump

Lily’s first sheet of paper

Back in November 2009, when Lily was only about 2½ years old, we attended the Branson Banana Bash organized by Mimi Aumann. It was a chilly few days in the Ozarks in November, where we tried various methods for pulping

About that Wayzgoose poster

The poster image I attached to the announcement about the Wayzgoose in Grimsby was from a pdf file e-mailed to us with no additional information. I found the poster kind of strange, frankly. However, I have now seen the actual

2012 Paper Mulberry Crop

A few year ago, a mulberry plant started growing in my yard. According to my tree identification book, it is a paper mulberry, Broussonetia papyrifera. This identification is not definitive, since Wikipedia mentions a sticky sap which I don’t recall