Month: July 2014

Last Chance for some Monotype Parts

Last weekend I sorted through my stash of Monotype parts and  decided that a few of these were not worth saving. If anyone wants these you have until September to make arrangements to pick them up for free. I can

A bad weekend for mechanical work

Last Saturday (the 12th) I changed the drive chain on my motorcycle. It was unevenly worn and it was impossible to adjust the tension without having the chain too tight in part of its circuit and too loose at others.

Maple Mould and Deckle Sets

This week I’m making a few of our large (8½×11″) Maple Mould and Deckle sets. We’re out of stock on them, and we might be getting an order for a few soon so I thought I should try to keep

Wild Blackberries

I was having a look at the creek behind our store to see how the heavy rain from the past few days had affected its level, and found a small patch of wild blackberries that were just starting to ripen.

Determining the evaporation rate in my basement workshop

One of the things I noted when trying to electroform a Monotype matrix last May was that by the time I put that project on hold, half of my plating electrolyte had vanished. I was using an open tank so