Maple Mould and Deckle Sets

Maple Moulds

This week I’m making a few of our large (8½×11″) Maple Mould and Deckle sets. We’re out of stock on them, and we might be getting an order for a few soon so I thought I should try to keep ahead of things for a change.

Normally I buy the maple already milled to ¾″ square stock but this time I’m making a small batch and wanted to avoid the minimum shop time charge from my supplier. Altogether there are about ten steps to making these sets (depending on how precisely one wants to define the steps) from rough wood, or six steps from prepared ¾″ stock. I’m at the point now where I have to cut the wood to length and form the finger-joint ends on all the pieces. Fortunately I have special jigs for my table saw to make these two steps fast and accurate.


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