Month: May 2013

Cleaning the Thompson Ink Fountain Completed

After getting all the parts cleaned on the ink fountain for my Thompson press, I painted the cover and the main casting. I was going to use semi-gloss black, but the flat black I tried seemed to have enough of

Early gardening

My rhubarb is once again growing amazingly large. This plant has a long history. I first met it in the back yard of the house I grew up in. When it was there it benefited from annual feeding in the

Pump Latch Mechanism R&R

Although most of my work on the pump on my Monotype caster seems to be on making a new extended-stroke piston rod, I am also working on cleaning and refurbishing the pump latch mechanism that Rich Hopkins sent me. After

Monotype Pump: Lathe work completed

In my last post about the Monotype piston rod I am making to provide a lengthened pump stroke about the only work completed was the ends of the piece. Since that time I have proceeded through the following stages: The

Rural Routes Studio Tour Auction

To help fund our studio tour this year, our tour group is holding monthly online auctions of items donated by the member artists. Our turn to donate an item comes up for the July auction, so we have one month

Marbling Workshop

We had a group of five ladies in our shop today for a marbling workshop. It was not our usual marbling course because they were mainly interested in marbling fabric, rather than learning various marbling patterns. We started out on

A Wedding Guestbook

This was a project we did about 12 years ago: a guestbook for a wedding. The overall size was about 10″ wide by 8½” high. The book was finished with a title plate pasted onto the cover (not shown), done

Wedding Invitations

One of the jobs we occasionally do is special announcements, including wedding invitations. This spring, we did a collaborative job with a local couple who were getting married. The bride made the paper in our shop and we did the

Monotype Parts Stock

As part of fitting the pump latch mechanism onto my Monotype caster, there are a couple of missing parts that I might have to make. Making them should be easy since they are geometrically very simple, but I would have

Cleaning the Thompson ink fountain (Part 2)

After spending a few hours across several evenings, I have the ink fountain from our Thompson press cleaned off and fully disassembled. It took several treatments with the paint stripper to get everything clean. There was no way to distinguish