Month: May 2013

Thompson Press in motion

This post is a bit of a cheat; I currently can’t upload still photos (WordPress is not generating the reduced-size versions of the images), so I’m basing today’s post on a video. After getting my Thompson press in January, we

Fixing a Vandercook SP-15 washup unit

The Vandercook SP-15 proof press at the Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill is equipped with a washup unit. This is essentially a blade that wipes the ink off one of the rollers in the ink train and a tray

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Making Washi in 2010

Back in June 2010, we all headed out to Prince Edward Island for the first East Coast Gathering of members of the Yahoo Papermaking group. Our gracious hostess was Linda McCausland who runs Heron Cove rental vacation house, where the

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Lassco Spinnit LBM-2.1 Paper Drill For Sale

We have a Lassco Spinnit LBM-2.1 paper drill for sale. This is a tabletop machine which operates similarly to the Challenge paper drills and in fact uses the same drill bits. The bit is a sharpened hollow tube which is

The Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill

This group of about 20 people runs a cooperative shared letterpress shop in Richmond Hill, just North of Toronto. Members have access to use the shop during daytime hours and there are a couple of keys available for after-hours access.

Victoria Day celebrations in New Dundee

Victoria Day (which this year is celebrated on Monday May 20th) is a big thing in New Dundee. There is a community garage sale, a pancake breakfast at the fire hall, a parade, activities all day at the Park and

A little more blog reorganization

The Categories list that appeared to the right of the posts was quite long so I have removed it from the sidebar and instead placed it on its own page, with a menu item to get to it. I may

A bit of static content on the site

I have added two new menu items to this site. One gets you to a page of contact information if you want to get in touch with us or visit us. The other goes to a page of links to

Some work on the high-volume Monotype pump

I now have a hunk of steel mounted on my lathe that will eventually turn into a home-made long-stroke piston rod (part code hw17H) for increasing the volume capacity of the pump on the Monotype composition caster. There is still

Challenge 26” power guillotine for sale

[Note: Please read the comments below regarding the struck-out text] We have recently upgraded from our Challenge model 265 26” guillotine to a 32” one of even older vintage. We use it to cut up pulp sheets to make them