Thompson Press in motion

This post is a bit of a cheat; I currently can’t upload still photos (WordPress is not generating the reduced-size versions of the images), so I’m basing today’s post on a video.

After getting my Thompson press in January, we had finally moved it close enough to the 220V outlet that I could plug it in and spin it up. Later that day I had it feeding paper and printing, but, silly me, I only took video of the press moving with no paper, no forme, and no ink. So here’s that video:

The first part of the video just shows the overall motion of the parts. The second part shows the feed mechanism: a sucker arm lifts a sheet off the feed table (to the left in the video) and draws it down onto the platen. The third part shows the delivery: a gripper arm grabs the edge of the paper and pulls it sideways, laying it down onto the delivery table where a puff of air from a nozzle flattens down the sheet. By the way, the video shows the press running at its lowest speed.

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