Rural Routes Studio Tour Auction

To help fund our studio tour this year, our tour group is holding monthly online auctions of items donated by the member artists. Our turn to donate an item comes up for the July auction, so we have one month to get something ready.

We are planning on making a notebook using our handmade paper and a plain leather outer cover and coarse exposed stitching. The leather will form a limp cover which can be closed around the pages to keep the book closed. The paper is quite thin: the book will have 96 pages and the textblock will only be about ¾” thick. We haven’t decided what will hold the book closed (clasp, thong, etc) but we will be trying for a somewhat rustic effect.

So far all we have actually done is selected the leather and folded the sheets and gathered them into the booklets that will ultimately be stitched in place. We still have to remember to see how the colours work in daylight because so far we have only looked at them under the fluorescent lights in our shop.

Pages and cover leather

The bundle of folded sheets ready for punching and sewing, sitting on top of the leather that will be used for the cover. Both the paper and the leather are off-white with a hint of green in them.

One comment on “Rural Routes Studio Tour Auction
  1. kpmartin says:

    The auction is over for this tour season. We may have it again next year, so keep visiting this blog for details!

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