Marbling Workshop

We had a group of five ladies in our shop today for a marbling workshop. It was not our usual marbling course because they were mainly interested in marbling fabric, rather than learning various marbling patterns. We started out on paper anyway to get them all used to the process and to familiarize them with handling the paints and how the different colours we had interacted with each other. We also show them how to manipulate the stone pattern with a stylus and also the basic use of a marbling comb. Here’s a sampling of what was made (the papers are 8×9″):

Marbled paper Marbled paper Marbled paper

After lunch, rather than going through all the traditional patterns as we would in our normal marbling class, the ladies spent the time marbling fabric. They had plain cotton and some organza, and some of the fabric already had a print design while other pieces were plain white. They kept track of whose piece were whose by snipping corners off the pieces; each lady had a different number of clipped corners. Here’s just a small sample of the marbled fabric, still wet:

Marbled fabric Marbled fabric

Here is most of the group concentrating on their work. Those are my hands in the lower right, adding paint to a larger tray to re-marble a sheet of paper where the first marbling attempt turned out a bit drab. Perhaps a second marbled pattern will improve it…

Marbling fabric


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