A Tiny Bird Nest Amidst the Tall Grass

Earlier this week I was picking some wild blackberries that grow along the fences and creek bed at the rear of our property when I ran across this tiny bird nest built on a tussock of tall grass. I only got a quick glance of the bird, tiny, brown, with huge terrified eyes, as it would run off into the nearby underbrush. There was no way of getting a picture of the bird without disturbing nearby vegetation and further exposing the nest. But I did get a photo of the nest and three eggs, along with a nickel for a size reference:

150629Birds NestSorry it is so blurry… Anyone have any idea what kind of bird owns this nest?

One comment on “A Tiny Bird Nest Amidst the Tall Grass
  1. kpmartin says:

    Today, 5 days later, the nest is empty. I still don’t know what kind of bird this was, so I don’t know if the nest was raided, or if the eggs hatched and the babies moved out all in such a short period. I imagine that ground-nesting birds have to leave the next pretty quickly…

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