Sorting the Sorts

Now that I have the font display matrices in boxes, I have an assortment of sorts matrices to sort out and store. In addition to the sorts I also had a few cardboard boxes of unfiled small caps, odd sizes, and swash letters belonging to various regular fonts. Last week I bought another dozen Plano 3448 boxes for storing these, and managed to get most of these cleared up.

Many of these actually belonged with particular fonts, so I filed these with their appropriate font mats, and put surplus mats aside for later dispersal. The rest required flipping through the specimen books to find how they were classified and numbered there, because I wanted by boxing scheme to at least vaguely resemble the specimen book scheme. Most parentheses and brackets belonged with particular fonts, and the ones that didn’t (or, at least, the ones of those I have) turned out to be numbered as ornaments and are thus also listed in the ornaments specimens. Braces have their own unique numbering and got their own box. Symbols were placed in several boxes depending on which family (mathematical, commercial, etc) they belonged with. Some of the mats belong with particular fonts that I don’t have; I’ll be keeping these because I may eventually get the matching font. There are still several mats I have which do not appear in the specimen books. I will probably cast and proof them to identify what family they belong with before filing them away. Several of them are capital Greek letters for mathematical use (Σ and Π mainly) which are not part of the math symbols so perhaps they are just regular letters from a Greek font.

After all this I’ve used up the twelve boxes I bought last week, and still need a few more. They aren’t actually listed any more at the Sail web site so I suspect they may be discontinued, which means I’ll have to scrounge around in all the branches of the store I happen to drive by if I want more. I’ll be in Ottawa next week and can check out the store there, and on the way home the Oshawa store is just off the highway. Next time I got up to the Book Arts Guild of Richmond Hill, I can try the Vaughan branch too. I can corner the market in these boxes! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

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