…and not the ones RIM makes, either!

This year, the blackberry plants growing wild in our yard along the fences and stream valley seem to have a bumper crop of berries on them. I suspect the plentiful June precipitation had something to do with it.

So far I had just been nibbling on the occasional berry, but we decided to actually go out and pick them properly today.

IMG_8387 IMG_8388

We came back with about 5 cups of berries (not counting the ones eaten by the pickers), which really surprised me. One particular section between a fence and a building itself produced almost two cups of berries. I think the fence and building together provided shelter from the wind so ripe berries were not knocked off the plant, and also provided some protection from birds and animals.

Many of the plants still have lots of immature berries as well, so this good crop should continue for a while.

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