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Steaming Mulberry Stems

It seems that last year’s intent to steam the bark off our mulberry stems for making paper did not amount to any action. There are some things that just don’t happen if all you plan is to do it when

Back from Monotype University

The past ten days or so of blog silence were because I was in Terra Alta WV for Monotype University 8, and what little spare time I had rarely coincided with what few times I had Internet access. That’s me

Woo Hoo! Monotype U!

The last week of August I will be heading to the mountains of West Virginia to attend Monotype University 8. This is a week-long intensive course on the operation of the Monotype Composition caster with emphasis on composition casting. This

Photos from the Washi workshop

Today we held a washi workshop for a lady and her two daughters (and their dog Willow, who was not paying much attention to the proceedings). The lack of names in this post is not because I’m trying for anonymity,

Washi Workshop Wednesday, June 26th 2013

We will be holding an impromptu workshop on making washi (Japanese-style paper) on Wednesday, June 26th 2013 from 10am to 5pm at our store in New Dundee, and we have room for a couple more people. This will be a

Finished Washi from 2010

A while ago I posted a video of me making washi while we were in Prince Edward Island but I have yet to post anything about the results. Unfortunately we did not take any video of pressing the post, separating

Making Washi in 2010

Back in June 2010, we all headed out to Prince Edward Island for the first East Coast Gathering of members of the Yahoo Papermaking group. Our gracious hostess was Linda McCausland who runs Heron Cove rental vacation house, where the

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Lily’s first sheet of paper

Back in November 2009, when Lily was only about 2½ years old, we attended the Branson Banana Bash organized by Mimi Aumann. It was a chilly few days in the Ozarks in November, where we tried various methods for pulping