Fiat Lux

I finally got new lighting installed in my basement workshop. The old lighting was essentially two single fixtures with 60- or 100-watt-equivalent CFL bulbs in them. The new lighting is 8 dual 48″ T8 fluorescent fixtures.

Original lighting

This is about half the workshop with the original lighting. The steel beam in the upper right divides the workshop in two and occasionally tries to do the same to my head.

New lighting

This is the same view of the workshop with the new lighting.

Old at New exposure

This shows the same shot again with only the original lighting, but with the camera forced to use the same exposure as it did with the new lighting.

To be fair, that is a lot more wattage, but it is also spread through the room, especially into the corners.

Needless to say, I will no longer require task lighting for simple things like finding something in the tool cabinet!

Now I just have to clean up. By the way, that dark pile in the middle of the floor is some of the swarf from making a new part for my Monotype caster.

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