A collection of Monotype pumps

Someone recently asked me about spare parts for the pump for a Monotype caster so I went through what I have.

This is a standard English pump, installed on my composition caster.


A Lanston strip-casting pump and piston, recently used for strip-casting experiments


An English display-casting pump piston. The short head and lowered lever groove provide a longer stroke and thus more pump volume.

All my other pumps and pistons, see main text for details.

In that last photo, top-to-bottom:

  • A pair of wear shoes for Lanston pump bodies
  • An English standard pump body, apparently new
  • An English large-diameter (1⅛″) pump, apparently new
  • A Lanston standard pump
  • A Lanston large-diameter (1⅛″) pump piston
  • Two English standard pump pistons
  • (across all the pistons) A pump stem to use an English-style piston head in a Lanston pump body, head and handle missing, apparently new

Since I want to keep both Lanston and English pumps for my caster, the only parts here that I can spare are the 1⅛″ English pump and Lanston piston, one of the standard English pistons, and that strange piston stem for using an English head on a Lanston pump. So if you’re interested in any of those parts, make me an offer.


One comment on “A collection of Monotype pumps
  1. kpmartin says:

    Lanston does have a different piston (a17H5) for sorts casting so the piston shown in the last photo and listed as the fourth item might be a standard 17H5 piston or an a17H5 display-casting piston. I don’t have the information to tell them apart unless I had both side-by-side to compare.

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