Wayzgoose 2021 Anthology

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced this year’s Grimsby Wayzgoose to a virtual event, an Anthology is still being produced.

We made a 1-sheet/4-page submission for this on some paper handmade from recycled discards from a local artist. The pulp turned out to be very hard to use. It was slow-draining, muddy-feeling due to a high filler content, but so runny that it would leak around the tiniest gap at the edge of the deckle and seep under the divider of a divided deckle. Audrey ended up having to make this one slow sheet at a time because the two-up divided deckle left the sheets joined by the seepage under the divider. She was not a happy camper!

The paper ended up with very wild deckle edges, which I mostly had to trim off to get any sane register when printing.

We have more of this paper to recycle and from now on we’ll have to blend it with some longer fibres that can plug up the leaks around the deckle.

The content was inspired by a collection of large manicules we picked up last summer from a local hobby printer who was closing up. What irks me is that I was sure that we had an even larger pair of these but though you would expect it to be difficult to mislay something that large, I was darned if I could find them.

Most of the small manicules in the body of the text were cast on my Monotype caster. I was originally going to use a different one for each instance but I did not have enough different ones and it was either all different or all the same.

Only after the printing was all done did I notice that the two manicules are in the classic “this big” pose, which was not my intent; I just wanted to show them in a manner that was somewhat symmetric and would not instill discomfort thinking about how one would arrange one’s arms to get the pose. Fortunately the distance between the fingertips is pretty close to the actual length of each manicule, at least within fishing tale standards.

The colophon was set in Binny Old Style 12pt, by the way. Does the colophon need its own colophon? Would this go on forever if each has a new face?

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