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Wayzgoose 2022 Anthology

Well, it won’t be ready for distribution for several months, but this year’s Wayzgoose Anthology is on its way to the bookbinder. This year our contribution is a bit of a farewell to Rhona Wenger, who just retired from the

Wayzgoose 2021 Anthology

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced this year’s Grimsby Wayzgoose to a virtual event, an Anthology is still being produced. We made a 1-sheet/4-page submission for this on some paper handmade from recycled discards from a local artist. The pulp

Storage box for brasses and coppers

In setting type for letterpress, very thin spaces are sometimes required to fill in a line to match the length of adjacent ones so that everything is held tight when locked into the chase. The spaces are known as brasses

Another Wayzgoose is History

Last Saturday the 36th annual Wayzgoose was held at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery in Grimsby, Ontario. We were fortunate to have our sale table right next to the front door so we didn’t miss any visitors. Lily

Last week’s time suck

Last week was March Break, and Audrey and Lily flew to Calgary to visit Granny. I took the opportunity to do a few home improvement projects (replacing a bathroom sink, putting up a knife holder in the kitchen, and installing

Bookplates for the Papertrail library

In addition to about 97 books and other documents related to the Monotype machines, we also have a library of over 100 books related to papermaking, bookbinding, paper decorating, origami, typography, and printing. The Monotype books were coming with me