Another Wayzgoose is History

Last Saturday the 36th annual Wayzgoose was held at the Grimsby Public Library and Art Gallery in Grimsby, Ontario. We were fortunate to have our sale table right next to the front door so we didn’t miss any visitors. Lily also made a new friend when the daughter of the folks at the next table showed up. Although our sales were only average this year, we had a great time seeing many of our friends in the book arts field, both those also selling at the fair and also those just visiting.

As promised earlier, here is a readable image of our submission for the Anthology:


It was also my birthday, and Audrey arranged to have a cake there waiting for the after-fair dinner:

20140426IMG_3870 20140426IMG_3871

Yes, as appropriate for a printers’ fair, the writing on the cake board is wrong-reading. I am impressed that the bakery understood the directions properly, since they were only given over the phone!

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