A Quiet Month

I haven’t posted much this month as I’ve been too busy to spare the time for book arts work. Between preparing income tax returns (due in a week or so here and not yet completed), the Easter long weekend, spring garden cleanup, and getting ready for Wayzgoose this weekend, there has been just no time to work on anything in the shop.

Also, having reached my goal of a successful run of the composition caster, leaving me in a bit of a lull for things to do that are worth mentioning on the blog. I have several projects in mind, including trying to engrave a display mat using my mill and trying some setups for electroforming mats.

I have purchased a large lot of Monotype display matrices in the recent auction of the collection of the late Mike Anderson. Shipping them is pretty expensive because of the weight so I plan on picking them up in person, but I haven’t had time to do that yet. I will also have to purchase more boxes to store them in.

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