Gurley paper permeability (porosity) tester for sale

Another commercial paper mill laboratory instrument we are putting up for sale is a Gurley Tester, which measures the porosity or permeability of a sheet of paper by trying to blow air through it as defined in TAPPI test T460. The operator measures how much time it takes for a specific volume of air to pass through the sheet.

Gurley tester Gurley tester closeup

This is an older model where the operator must turn a capstan to clamp the paper sample between two plates; newer models employ a lever and weight to provide consistent clamping force.

All parts are include, and most appear to be nickel-plated brass and could stand a good polish to remove the copper corrosion, but the unit should still be fully operational once cleaned up.

We are asking $500 for this tester.



3 comments on “Gurley paper permeability (porosity) tester for sale
  1. Russell Garrett says:

    Do you still have this item for sale?

  2. kpmartin says:

    Yes, it is still available. You can e-mail us at for more information.

  3. kpmartin says:

    This tester has now been sold.