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More Equipment!

The main reason for my visit to Don Black last Friday was to pick up a new (to me) machine. This is a Gorton 3U pantograph mill/engraver, which turned up when Don and Craig were reorganizing their stock. This machine

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Cleaning up unearths a treasure—a month late

I did a round of cleaning up in the shop, partly to search for my missing mat holder, and partly because I picked up more parts from Don Black. While cleaning up, I found the box of stuff I picked

Measuring air valve spring strength

In addition to poor flow when open, the other shortcoming of my stock of surplus Matrix pneumatic valves is poor sealing (leakage) when operated in NC mode, where the shutter spring is the only force holding back the flow of

Measuring air valve shutters

Looking deeper into the poor airflow observed on my stock of surplus Matrix pneumatic valves, I did a subjective measurement of the airflow on each port, on a scale from 0 to 5, using a 20PSI supply. At zero, the

Pneumatic valves for Monotype computer control

The most expensive and bulky aspect of making a system for computer control of the Monotype composition caster is the pneumatic solenoid valves. You need 31 valves, and they typically cost $30-$50 each. They are generally large enough that they

Cleaning and refilling the Monotype pot

For the casting job I have coming up I want to use Monotype medium alloy (74/10/16% Pb/Sn/Sb) rather than the softer Linotype alloy (84/4/12%) currently in the pot, which I was using to cast spacing. To do this, I got

Will the real Swing Bold please step forward

I’m getting ready to cast some 18-point Swing Bold (Monotype #217) for someone and I’ve found that my test casts don’t match the samples I received for alignment matching. Each group of 3 letters shows the alignment sample between two

American pump on an English caster? Nope!

As part of test-fitting the parts for lead-and-rule casting, I found that there is a critical size difference between the American and English pump bodies. Both these pumps take a ⅞″ diameter piston. The section of the pump that the

Converting the Composition Caster to Lead-and-Rule casting

One thing I would like to be able to do with my Monotype Composition Caster is to cast spacing and rule. There is a kit of parts required to make the change-over, and I now have most of the necessary

18 Point Mould in Pieces Again

With my test casting using the American display mould set up for 18 points I found that the feet of the type were wider (pointwise) than the heads of the type. This was probably due to dirt being caught between