A slightly better casting day

After the really bad casting day a few weeks ago, almost anything would be an improvement. I had taken steps to resolve some of the problems, and here is the result:

The casting run. The top twelve lines were attempts at re-casting other lines that had mistakes. Some of the lines might have odd casts at the left end where the line came up short and I manually inserted whatever odd sorts I had to fill the line.

This is still not perfect, but is much better than the last time, certainly good enough to see the individual errors. The main problem is still sticking air pins. For instance, looking at the second and third rows from the bottom (which were the second and third rows cast), you can see that after ‘W’, ‘w’, and ‘V’ there is a string of italic ‘n‘ and italic ‘ffl‘ (with one italic ‘8‘ thrown in) instead of ‘v’ and ‘U’, and then things are fine again for several lines. That italic ‘8‘ was supposed to be a space to fill the line.

Looking at the matcase arrangement, this means the caster was positioning to D-8, D-6, and D-13 instead of G-8, O-6, and I-13. This indicates that the D airpin is stuck in the up position after casting ‘V’ (D-12) but it cleared itself in time to signal J-8 for the lowercase ‘u’. In later recasts of this line, the D pin dropped a little sooner (but still late) so the line did contain some ‘U’ casts like it should.

The line containing ‘i’ (K-1) and ‘H’ (J-14) has some spurious ‘l’ (J-1) between them, showing the 1 pin slow to drop.

Further up, just when the figures start, an ‘M’ (J-15) is cast instead of a ‘9’ (J-5); the previous cast was an ‘a’ (K-7). This indicates that the 5 pin was too slow in rising so the default row 15 was cast instead. Near the end of the same line, two ‘7’ (K-5) were cast instead of ‘8’ (K-6), meaning that the 5 pin was also too slow in dropping down again. In the next row up you can also see ‘5’ instead of ‘6’, ‘3’ instead of ‘4’, and ‘1’ instead of ‘2’, all caused by the 5 pin staying up when it should not.

The next line cast three italic ‘9‘ (C-5) instead of ‘¾’ (C-15), again pin 5 staying up, causing a short line which I manually filled out with some ‘h’. Further on, italic ‘7‘ (D-5) instead of ‘0’ (O-5) shows the D pin staying up after casting ‘¼’ (D-15).

The last ribbon line, the 13th in the casting (I manually re-cast some lines) containing all the parentheses, ends with ‘¼’ (D-15) and ‘!’ (D-2) instead of em-dashes (H-15) and hyphens (G-2) showing the D pin staying up again after the (real) ‘!’ (D-2).

So all this mayhem is the result of the D pin staying up, the 5 pin sticking either way, or the 1 pin sticking up.


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