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More Equipment!

The main reason for my visit to Don Black last Friday was to pick up a new (to me) machine. This is a Gorton 3U pantograph mill/engraver, which turned up when Don and Craig were reorganizing their stock. This machine

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Monomatic Parts

I got a big lot of what appeared to be justification wedges for a Monotype composition caster from Don Black last week, many of them brand new, still in the protective plastic dip from the factory. It turns out, however,

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Strip Moulds at Don Black’s

While I was at Don Black’s today, Don mentioned that in the process of cleaning up their warehouse (a daunting project which appears to be coming along well) he found a few boxes of what he thought were Monotype parts.

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Valley Beater available near Vancouver BC

If you live on the west coast and are shopping for a Valley Beater, we’ve received a message that someone in Maple Ridge BC has one for sale. This one has a cast iron body but the paint looks to

An enjoyable marbling workshop

After seeming like we might have up to six people attending yesterday’s marbling workshop, we actually ended up with only two. However, we all had a good time, even Lily did some marbling. The trays we were using are 9×12

A Busy Day on the Road

I spent last Thursday traveling around the Niagara area and south of Hamilton, doing various book arts things. My first stop was the Annual General Meeting of the Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum in Queenston. This group has been having

One of my new Monotype books

One of the books I recently acquired from Don Black has the rather bland title Function and Operation of the 15-17 Casting Machine but after reading this book, I see how the subtitles reveal its true importance: Including Supplementary Equipment

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New (to me) Monotype documents

Late last week I picked up a pile of Monotype manuals and other publications from Don Black. These were generally duplicates to ones he already has. Many of these documents are ones I already have as well, although some are

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More Spring-Making

Over the past few months, Jason Dewinetz at Greenboathouse Press has been working on getting his Supercaster running, but he was having trouble casting 14 point type from American-style display matrices. He was finding that he had to run his

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Another composition caster rule repaired

One of the items I picked up at the swap meet of the recent ATF conference was a brand-new-old-stock Rule Guide Pin (c39F1) for the Monotype Composition Caster. This not only let me verify the dimensions I had from my

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