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Casting #337 Caslon Old Style 18pt

This is the first time I have cast this particular font, and although it mostly went well, I had one sort that miscast. The problem first showed up on a carbon-paper proof of the type:The ‘st’ ligature seemed to be

Casting Twisted Type

I was recently casting some 14-point Caslon Old Style on my Monotype Composition Caster and I was finding that after casting a long run of some wider letters, the type was coming out with an interesting distortion:The top of the

Updated Typeface List

Our list of faces that we can cast has been updated to include the composition matrices we have acquired over the past year or so. Unfortunately, I still don’t have the computer control for the caster running, so I still

New type for letterpress now available

We have posted a list of the faces and sizes we have available for casting in our Products section.

Will the real Swing Bold please step forward

I’m getting ready to cast some 18-point Swing Bold (Monotype #217) for someone and I’ve found that my test casts don’t match the samples I received for alignment matching. Each group of 3 letters shows the alignment sample between two

Yesterday’s dumb move

In my last post I mentioned problems with flash and squirts around the seal between the matrix and the display mould. I have since added a comment alluding to the probable cause of this problem: Forgetting to reinstall the link

Up, Down, What’s the difference?

My recent post about setting up to cast 18 point display type got up and down mixed up. When casting 18 point on an English mould with an American display mat holder, the mat must be lowered, not raised as

18 Point Frustration

I have some display casting to do in 18 point on my Monotype Composition Caster, but I’m having a tough time finding a set of accessories that will work together to accomplish this. My original intent was to use my

Preparing to cast some type

Someone has asked me to cast some type to fill out a font they already have. For reasons unknown, he has almost no capital S and is also short on capital C and T. He mailed me a sample type

A Bit of Font Casting

I have a short project in the works, and since I don’t have a Monotype Keyboard or a computer interface for the caster, I have to fall back to hand setting some text. I have a few paragraphs that I

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