Maker Expo aftermath

Despite a very busy day (with attendance estimated at 7500) we survived Maker Expo (and had enough energy the next day for the New Hamburg Fall Fair). I only now found out that I neglected to actually publish the post announcing we would be there!

Our table drew quite a bit of interest, and we often had people two or three rows deep watching the demonstration.

IMG_8826They could also make their own sheet of paper, and then got to take away another sheet made by someone else earlier in the day. The sheet they just made was too wet and fragile to carry (or even pick up) so they would get a sheet from a previous stack that had been pressed using our portable press to remove most of the water.

IMG_8879The pulp we were using was made from recycled glossy brochures from a previous studio tour and the ink from the old printing produced a somewhat gray sheet of paper with lots of flecks of colour, giving it sort of a stone-like appearance. We had also added a bit of blue pigment to counter the drabness of the gray. These sheets are 5×7″ in size.

IMG_8829Lily helped with the demonstration when things got really busy, while at other times Audrey or I accompanied her to other displays, so she was kept occupied for the whole day.

I didn’t have much time to take pictures, but I have a short (and unfortunately loud) video of Drew Ripley riding his tiny bicycle.

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  1. kpmartin says:

    Today I added a photo of the paper that was made at the Expo.

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