The K-W Maker Expo, Saturday September 19th

Maker Expo - Square Logo (Primary)The local maker club, Kwartzlab, is spearheading a big event coming up on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 called Maker Expo. This free event centered around Kitchener City Hall will feature all kinds of people and organizations who make things, about 80 exhibitors in all. Show hours are 10am-6pm.

We will be there demonstrating hand papermaking, about the only activity we can fit in the booth space available. You will be able to make your own sheet of paper, and take with you a sheet made by a previous visitor to our booth. The freshly-made sheets are too wet and fragile for you to take the sheet you made.

For more information you can use the Twitter hashtags #MakerExpo and #IAmAMaker, twitter/vine/instagram account @makerexpo, and their Facebook page

P.S. Duh! A week after Maker Expo I find this post still in Draft. Not exactly timely publishing!

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