Another Fun Papermaking Workshop

Last Saturday we held a private papermaking workshop for five people, following on from our demonstration at Maker Expo a few weeks ago. They were all family, with a young boy, his grandma, and several people who seemed to be calling someone else “Mom.” I never did quite figure out how they were all related…

All five of them did some amazing work once we introduced the coloured pulps after the lunch break, as you can see from some of their sheets as they were laying them out in the drying system:

IMG_5539 IMG_5535These are all 5×7″ sheets. Some of the designs were made by placing dabs of pulp on the main sheet, and others were made by dipping edges or corners of the mould into different colours of pulp to form a full sheet piecemeal. There are also some maple and ginkgo leaves and other plant bits on some of the sheets.

I think a good time was had by all.

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