Wallet-sized Ontario COVID Vaccination Certificate (fixed)

I recently posted on how to make a wallet-sized version of the Ontario COVID vaccination certificate, but my original post contained incorrect code and so did not produce valid QR codes.

This has now been fixed and the original post now contains the correct code to do the work.

Shame on me for posting improperly-tested code.

5 comments on “Wallet-sized Ontario COVID Vaccination Certificate (fixed)
  1. Mr Smith says:

    So – I had tried your imagemagick script to build a card from my two-dose document, and it worked perfectly.

    However, today I received my booster, and I have a new document – and the script mangles the front and back images. One entire dose is missing, one dose has the text cut, and the QR code is missing lines. The code is still 97×97 but the extra dose info seems to have shifted it up the page. As it stands, the script seems unlikely to work for those with three doses. I would note that province might also be periodically updating the PDF generator, so – your call if you want to update or not. Maybe just an addendum for people to check their output and not blindly trust this.

    If you want a sample, I can send you an ‘info sanitized’ version of my exported front page to use.

    No matter what, though – thanks for taking a better try at this than most people have done.

  2. kpmartin says:

    I’m not at all surprised that a certificate for 3 doses would not work. I expect that everything on the front page of the certificate has moved around a bit to make room for 3 lines of vaccine information.
    Thus I have two tasks to fix this: One is to find the new locations of the information on the certificate and fiddle with all the coordinates in the script, and the other is to figure out how to get everything to fit on a single card. Even with two vaccines the information is a pretty tight fit, so I’ll have to see if there is some text that can be shrunk a bit more.

    I really wish the province would just issue these in wallet card format in the first place!

  3. Keri Szafir says:

    Interesting. Personally I think that the vaccination points should issue a RFID certificate that could be scanned and current data viewed. And as for QR code generation, I once implemented it in my rpi2caster utility for controlling the Monotype composition caster. It’s based on the qrcode python library and renders the QR code as a matrix of high spaces for printed pixels and low spaces for non-printed ones :).

  4. kpmartin says:

    Yes, an RFID might be more useful, but it certainly more trouble to produce and distribute because a physical certificate has to be issued.

    I frankly don’t see how the QR code, as used here, offers any sort of authentication. When they scan it at restaurants and such places, all they get is a green checkmark saying it is valid. So you could trivially make up a forged certificate using anyone’s valid QR code.

    With one piece of type per QR-code pixel, that would make for a pretty large QR code when they are 97×97, even if you are casting 5-point!

  5. Keri Szafir says:

    As a matter of fact, I did that with a 5 point Dutch height mould from John Cornelisse. The body is the same as French type height we use in Poland, so these high spaces are printable without having to put anything underneath.

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