the Papertrail on local TV (again!)

A month or two ago we were featured on the local CTV station’s Made Right Here segment. I guess they found us so photogenic they sent another crew (well, just two people, actually) over and this week we appeared on their In Your Backyard segment, presented as three 3-minute items during the 5 o’clock news. I can’t seem to find a link currently that will play all three in sequence (each one links on to an August 1st item about a bakery), so here are the links to the individual parts:

  1. Fibre and pulp preparation
  2. Sheet forming
  3. Pressing and drying the paper

These are all preceded by ads, of course. On my browser, these start up with the sound muted in the video player so you might have to unmute it to hear things too.

One comment on “the Papertrail on local TV (again!)
  1. Rob says:

    That was fun!

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