Papermaking for the Dundee Pottery Arts Camp

Tomorrow we will be hosting a two-hour papermaking session for kids in collaboration with the Arts Camp organized by Dundee Pottery.

Table setup

We have the tables, vats, moulds and deckles all ready to go. We might have to set up a shorter table for some of the smaller kids, though.

Coloured pulp

A typical colour selection for teaching papermaking to kids. We also have a pail of white pulp. The pthalo blue (left), quinacridone violet (pink) and azo yellow form a good primary set for mixing.

Hiding out of sight is also a supply of glitter and other decorations to add to the paper.

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One comment on “Papermaking for the Dundee Pottery Arts Camp
  1. kpmartin says:

    Sorry, we were having so much fun (or perhaps were kept so busy) at the papermaking session that we forgot to take any photos!

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